What is a photograph?

You might say it is that elegant canvas print of your family, adorning the wall over your sofa or fireplace. Or perhaps it is bound among others in an album on your table, displayed framed on your desk, or posted on your Facebook page.

But at a deeper level, these images are the record of your life and that of your family, flashes of memory: a new baby, a joyous holiday, a moment in your life together as you watch your children grow and change, different each season, each year. Your photographs are your biography, your story, your life.

What are the moments you most want to remember?

At daniel frank photo, we capture those moments, in the places that mean the most to you: your home, the beach, a favorite park, anywhere you come together to celebrate. We specialize in location photography, traveling to wherever you are to create beautiful and lasting images that you can treasure and display with pride.

To learn more, use the Contact link below. We look forward to telling your story, too.